By Arvind Bhat


Arvind Bhat


Product Photography


About the Photographer

Arvind Bhat

DOP. Picturesque. Mesmerising.

Arvind's creativity includes a combination of cinematography techniques, communication skills, and willingness to push limits with experimentation that make for a great director of photography.




A lot of advice I’ve received in the past made me focus too much on my Photographs (medium, experimentation) and not the importance of a good network. Although a consistent portfolio is important, your main source of work will be through the connections you make. Most of my clients come back to me because they like working wiith me over my particular style of work. Don’t feel afraid of approaching people, and don’t discount anyone –

you never know who they know. Similarly don’t be shy about putting your work out there and advertising yourself. No one else will do this for you. How else will anyone find you? Make sure you’re on social media (you don’t have to be on them all but choose one you can connect with others on). I find that Twitter has enabled me to build a solid network that often refer me for relevant work.